The Negative Effects Of Eating Meat

As the decades passed, humans began to drink the breast milk of cows which is one of the most unnatural kinds of food that a human can ingest. Every mammal produces infant growth fluid in her body for young to sustain her young until her babies can eat regular food and sustain themselves on solid food. After this, a mammal stops producing this growth fluid because her child no longer requires it and it is no longer nutritionally needed for the growing child. This is the same process with the human as the human too is a mammal after all. However, a few centuries ago, humans began to drink the infant growth fluid of cows after their mother’s stopped producing milk and this is one of the most unnatural and dangerous things we can do for our bodies.

Disease and illness
Humans are the only species on earth that continue to drink this infant growth fluid in to adulthood and from another species. In addition to this, humans increased the amount of meat in their diet. So much that today the meat industry slaughters fifty six billion land animals a year and a number of sea animals that can only be counted in tons. With these changes human health and mortality rates began to change too. The more they increased their consumption of these animal products, the sicker and more diseased the world got. As the demand for this meat increased, the meat industry began to pump chemicals, hormones and numerous antibiotics in to these animals in turn increasing the incidences of breast cancer, colorectal cancer in Singapore, stomach cancer and many other diseases.

Hospitals in turn are making a lot more money from colorectal screenings, chemotherapy and all the other kinds of treatment needed like surgical treatment for these diseased humans making healthcare one of the best earning and biggest businesses worldwide.

The only way for us to cure the world and make it healthier overall is to switch to a clean plant based diet. A whole foods plant based diet now only has the ability to prevent such illnesses occurring; it can also make our bodies and our immune systems stronger and more able to fight any illness that may occur rarely. Fortunately, veganism and plant based living is increasing worldwide making veganism one of the fastest growing lifestyles in the world. However, the world cannot afford to move slowly towards a plant based diet. It is vital that more people become aware of what is happening to their bodies as soon as possible.

Behind A Construction Project

The construction industry is the lifeline for a lot of people. Every day, new buildings spring up and many more are started, while some others are dismantled. Improving a country’s infrastructure is one of the main tasks the government needs to look out for, and it can be quite problematic if there is a shortage of people in the construction industry.

Although almost any construction site would be described as a dirty, noisy and busy mess by normal people, it is quite far from the truth. The reason is that most people only see the actual construction process, where the workers are involved. This, of course, is the main part of any construction project, but before that there is quite a lot of planning involved, not to talk about the assistance of third party members such as construction suppliers that providing great products.

First of all, let’s talk about the planning stage. It involves many people, ranging from engineers to architects, and it is in fact the most important part of any construction project. A general rule of thumb for any successful construction project is to have a good plan before anything is laid on the construction site. For large constructions, there can be a considerable amount of people (often divided into several teams) involved in the planning stage. Planning goes hand in hand with project coordination and people involved in the coordination process, such as supervisors and managers, are responsible for the continuation of the project at a constant rate until it is finished.

Then there are the suppliers, be it for materials or for the budget. Relatively small projects can be handled by a sole budget supplier, but larger ones will usually require more than one. Of course, any kind of sponsorship can also be considered as an extra amount of resources. A good and adequate budget is the backbone of any construction process, and a lack of it will surely lead to failure due insufficient funds to finish work. Construction contractors in Singapore have the responsibility to prevent this from happening.

Finally, there is the workforce itself, which is what people can attest to see. Workers are required in sufficient number and need to have sufficient skills to undertake any tasks that are presented and expected of them. Any mishap can lead to several other problems, and proper guidance and supervision must be available to ensure that workers do their tasks correctly and efficiently. Above everything though, is ensuring the health and safety of everybody working on site. Any potential accident can cause anything from suspending work to legal troubles if proper work guidelines haven’t been followed. Generally, workers outnumber the other people involved in a construction project by a large number.

As such, it becomes clear that the busy work site is but a part of the larger process of construction, where many people from engineers to contractors join hands to make a vision a reality.