Quick Food For The Nights: The Different Flavours Of Ramen

Although you do not have to be broke, ramen is a favourite of many people who have gone through the trouble of finding money for food. For most, eating ramen is a milestone in life and it always brings back memories. But ramen does not need to be a cheap food, and it’s easy to make so for the late night people it becomes a habit to make ramen. If you are tired of the same ramen recipe you have been using recently, try out some of the following variations.
Winter ramen
When your ramen packet is boiling with the meat in the pot, add a healthy dose of spring onions, cabbage and a hardboiled egg into the mix. Add a lot of pepper and chili to make the taste spice up, and if you can handle it.
Using the Mason jar
If you want to take some ramen for lunch to work or school, but don’t want to look uncool, try the ramen in the Mason jar approach. Add a layer of your favourite recipe of pork cuts then cut again into tiny pieces, then add a layer of your fave veggies slices and diced into tiny pieces, a layer of seasoning and some chili and topped up by the ramen noodles done in half and drained of the water
Thai and Japanese fusion ramen
Grab your peanut oil and some frozen chicken parts in Hong Kong and fry till browned. Remove the chicken and add another tablespoon of peanut oil into the bowl and add sweet potato, peppers and cook till the meat is tender. Then add mushrooms, curry paste, smoked paprika and cook for five or seven minutes. Mix some broth and peanut butter till its smooth and add this into the fried meat along with some coconut milk, fish sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter mix, sugar, and lime juice. Stir this mixture until the soup comes to a boil and add the ramen and cook. Then serve with some cilantro.
Farmer ramen
You will have to make the broth and the noodles separately for this recipe. For the broth you will need diced carrots, leeks/ scallions, sliced ginger, your favourite meat, salt and some sesame oil. Mix all these together and with large amount of water and simmer till made into a souple. Then add your veggies and meat and reduce the heat and cook for an hour. Take out the meat after the hour and keep the broth going for another half an hour. Strain the broth once you take it out to take out the vegetables and any meat pieces. Make the noodles with eggs, sesame oil. Add the noodle to the made broth and serve.
Add your favourite ramen toppings like some Naruto, boiled eggs, and cilantro when you are serving.