How Can You Help As Parents To Ease The Anxiety Of Starting Kindergarten?

Making the transition from home to kindergarten is not easy for your little one. Especially if they are used to live at home with you as a stay-in mother or father, they will start thinking where am I going now, will I find people like daddy and mommy, will I be pressured to do a lot of studies, and what if I cannot study like others? Kids nowadays are expressive and intelligent. If they ask you these things you should be able to answer honestly and in a manner not to make them doubt what you say.

 What can you do?

 Apart from answering their never-ending questions, what can you do? Try to start some activities at home. You can buy those educational toys and play out a similar scenario. Say “the baby deer is about to go to school soon, how is he feeling?” Talk to your kids and make them understand that they are going to a fun place. You can show them videos of zoo phonics and children playing and ensure them that there is nothing to worry about. Visiting the kindergarten if possible will ease most of their anxiety as well. If you have older children or your cousins’ or friends’ children they also can make an effort to build your kid’s confidence by telling their stories of experience.

 Express themselves

 Remind them it is okay to tell their teachers of their problems; “if you are afraid tell your teacher that you are and they will make sure you are safe”. Some children are pretty communicative whilst some tend to be on the quiet side. However if they meet like-minded friends at least they will talk to them and that will be an improvement. At home you can stress the fact that they are going to “find a lot of friends, and they will love them all so much”. If you can find some of these future classmates, maybe you can set up a play date so that your kid will know them beforehand.

 Make them familiar with a group situation

 It can become an issue if your child had not been in a team before. Even though this is the case, do not panic. Just as a “get-to-know each other” gesture, you can enroll them in reading classes for toddlers during summer or the time right before kindergarten. Even if they do not get to read per se they will experience a similar situation with lots of kids, activities, fun games, teachers instead of parents and much more.

 Parents tend to worry about their children being unable to express themselves properly, or not being friendly with other kids. Kindergarten is an ideal place for all these wishes to come true for your kids. If you know the place you found is a high-quality, safe and secure establishment there is nothing to worry about at all regarding your kids’ future.