How To Study More Efficiently?

Are you a student who is struggling with their studying? If so, here are our tips for studying more efficiently from today…

 Avoid all distractions

 This probably is the hardest tip to follow; yet the most important one. Here, by distractions, we mean your growling stomach, your phone and its notifications, as well as distracting people in your life. Make sure you are prepared to study; eat enough to keep you satisfied¾but not so much that you will get sleepy. Try not to study in your PJs as well; you’ll find yourself more inclined to head earlier to bed if you do. Turn your phone’s WiFi off; turning it off if it helps you concentrate better. If you have to use your laptop, make sure you don’t have a social media tab open it WILL distract you. As for the distracting people, if they cannot be avoided by turning off your phone, consider closing yourself off in your room until you are done studying for the day.

 It is ok to ask for help

 No one cares if you need a little help from a e maths tutor to make sure you pass your subject. In fact, as time passes, you are the only who will care if you passed your exams or not; as it will affect you alone. Remember that you need to be open minded about approaching subjects; so don’t start off saying you hate it or that you will never understand it. Give each subject, and each educator, a chance and it and they might surprise you…!

 Have a specific place for your studies; avoid getting up from there

 Whether you use a home tuition agency in Singapore or you are happy with how your school’s educators teach, it all comes down to the fact that they can only help you to a certain point. Beyond that, it is the effort you put and your own capabilities that will eventually show in your results. When studying at home, try to have one specific area in which you do so. Avoid studying in the bed¾you will only fall asleep on your textbooks. Make sure to have all study materials (and perhaps even a few snack and a water bottle) close by, so you don’t walk around much¾and get distracted.  

 Find the right times to study; break it into 15 minute chunks

 Finding the right times to study is almost as important as knowing how to study. It should be the time you are most awake and alert¾as well as the time in which your studies get absorbed best. Try to make this a regular time; so avoid other commitments at this time. Once you figure it out and start studying, don’t bother trying to sit still for more than 15 minutes. Instead, divide your study time into 15 minute blocks for efficient studying…