What Are The Responsibilities Of An Employer?

As the most valued asset of an organization, employees are to receive the best caring and guidance in a company. It is the obligation of an employer to ensure that the employees receive all that they deserve by all means. This could be work related or personal reasons. Once the person becomes a permanent worker in your company, you as an employee should provide them with certain benefits that would motivate them to contribute more. Following are some of the responsibilities that an employer holds to his/her employees.

Health and safetyGood health of an employee matters to the company. An employee needs to be fit enough to carry out his work during working hours without any health hazards coming his way. If the employee is indeed engaged in a risky job; for instance diamond cutting, he/she will need to be insured and provided with necessary safety measure as it is considered as quite a risky job. Some companies also allocate a certain percentage for the medical requirements of the employees as a side benefit for working in their organization.

Training and developmentRecruiting an employee to the organization does not qualify him/her to perform all your expectations. They could be new and require a certain amount of training before they get into track. Therefore, it is important that you as an employer organize development programmes which can enlighten their knowledge to a wider extent and encourage corporate team building within the working environment. You can attend them on special training programmes which involve experts in their fields explaining them the courses of work in a practical sense.

Team workThe importance of team bonding activities in Singapore should not by any means neglected. Therefore, as a responsible employer, you should be able to ensure that there are no internal conflicts between the employees in the company as it will be a major drawback and will affect the overall performance of the company adversely. Annual sports festivals, fitness programmes and professional development sessions are a good way of achieving such bonds among the work force of the organization. It will also improve the knowledge they carry on the particular subject as well.

BenefitsIf you can provide them with certain added benefits like medical insurance, phone bill reimbursement and fuel concessions, it will be a driving factor to win employees to the company, improve goodwill and encourage the performance of the current employees. Therefore, fulfilling the responsibilities of an employer is a very important factor to the organization.A motivated employee will bring you closer to your ultimate target!